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Voice Arts Awards 2016 Recap

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The Early Bird…

Want to book the gig? Get your audition in early! Find out why in this insightful article.
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Your Income

In this powerful two-part article for VoiceOverXtra, J. Michael discusses the future of the voiceover business, and why it should be a bright one for talent.
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Know Your Competition On P2P Casting Sites, How ‘Good’ Must You Be To Book Jobs?

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Interview for Voiceover Times with Satauna Howery

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Be a Demo Cannibal!

In this article published by Edge Studio, J. Michael Collins offers thoughts on how even cash-strapped aspiring talent can maximize their searchability in the voiceover marketplace.
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Death of the Announcer

Why it has been greatly exaggerated.
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J. Michael Collins’ blog has been cited as one of the most influential in the industry.
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Press from VO Atlanta 2016.

In March of 2016, J. Michael Collins hosted two groundbreaking panels at VO Atlanta, featuring senior leadership from the major online casting sites answering hard questions about their businesses, and a group of industry opinion leaders discussing the future of VO. Here are some recaps of this first-of-its-kind event.

Producer’s Chair with Jim Kennelly – VO Atlanta

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Why The Online Casting Conversation Needs To Continue

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Progress at VO ATLANTA 2016

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JMC Las Vegas Workshop

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JMC Las Vegas Workshop – 1 2017-08-05T20:36:43+00:00

WoVO Con 2017

VO Atlanta 2017

Voice Arts Awards 2016

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VO Mastery 2016

World Voices Conference 2016

Midwest Voiceover Conference 2016

VO Atlanta 2016

VO Mastery Event 2015

Voice Arts Awards 2015

Assorted Pictures with VO Friends and Colleagues

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