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The voiceover industry has bestowed many blessings upon me over the years, for which I am extraordinarily grateful. It is my pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to partner with various individuals and organizations to help talent grow in their careers, including The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, as the sponsor of the SOVAS J. Michael Collins Academic Scholarship, The Midwest Voiceover Conference, (Educational Scholarship and Full Coaching & Demo Package,) VO Atlanta, (Full Coaching & Demo Package,) The VO Mastery Event, (Full Coaching & Demo Package,) VO Collective (Coaching & Online Casting Training,) Tennessee Voiceover Exchange, (Full Coaching & Demo Package,) and many others.

In 2017, I had the distinct privilege to join with an esteemed group of colleagues in founding the VO Atlanta Unicorn Grant, celebrating one member of the VO community with a package of training and demos unlike anything the industry has ever seen.

If your organization or event is interested in developing a scholarship or other charitable offerings, please feel free to contact me with a proposal.

Recently, I had the great pleasure of recording my first short audiobook for Learning Ally, a service dedicated to making the lives of the disabled better. If you are a talent and are interested in getting involved, please contact me for an introduction.

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Giving Back - Helping People Succeed
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Giving Back - Helping People Succeed
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J. Michael Collins Professional Voice Actor,
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J. Michael Collins is honored to give back to many individuals & organizations including The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (Educational Scholarship).