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During his career as a voiceover coach and demo producer, J. Michael Collins has mentored some of the industry’s fastest rising stars in VO. He has jump-started the careers of voiceover working pros struggling through a lull in bookings, and helped to change the lives of his coaching students by teaching them how to build their businesses beyond their expectations.
With a rare ear for nuance, and a prolific career as a top-booking talent, award-winning demo producer, and even casting for a number of his clients, J. Michael can break down and analyze your delivery with uncommon ease and expertise. More importantly, his proven performance-oriented coaching techniques will harness your strengths and help you rise above your weaknesses, learning how to give the right read the first time, every time.
J. Michael believes you learn performance by performing. Not by busywork.
Nothing defines quality quite like the personal touch. Coaching with J. Michael will never be a cookie-cutter experience. Each talent is different, and no two programs of study will be the same. Script selection and progress will be defined by the needs and goals of each student, with each session conducted via video conference for a virtual in-studio feel.
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J. Michael’s efficient and targeted coaching packages are meant to provide you exactly the level of skill-building you need to reach your booking goals, without milking your credit card until it melts. There are no hidden fees, extra optional services to buy, or pushes to do “just one more session” to get there. Most students will take between 5-10 one hour lessons, with all costs defined upfront. Demo production, separate business consulting, and J. Michael’s signature Success in Online Casting course can be discussed before you start your package if appropriate.


While J. Michael generally does not offer discounts on coaching or demo production, payment plans extending up to six months are available on a good faith basis.


Due to J. Michael’s heavy booking schedule as a talent, he keeps no more than five students on the books at any one time.

If you are a working pro and would like to consider a coaching package, (or even just a brush-up session,) with J. Michael, please submit a handful of recent auditions to along with the reason for your interest in his services. You will receive a reply by the next business day in most cases.

J. Michael loves working with talented newcomers to the industry but requires new talent interested in coaching to sign up for a one-hour talent evaluation prior to being accepted for any full coaching program. This is necessary to discharge the ethical obligation of any coach to make sure the person they are taking money from has the genuine potential to see a return on their investment. If you are already actively auditioning, but have never had formal training, you are invited to submit up to ten recent auditions to in lieu of a talent evaluation, along with the reason for your interest in working with J. Michael. J. Michael reserves the right to refuse service to anyone he feels would not benefit from his training.

Success in Online Casting

As the leading voice in the online marketplace, I am proud to offer my celebrated one-hour live video course on Success in Online Casting to anyone interested in conquering the challenge of the online casting sites. This wildly popular course has helped build careers, and has made dozens of talents into regular bookers online. My Success in Online Casting course students GET WORK, and many of them are regulars at the top of the favorites lists.

If you pay to play, taking this course is the single fastest way to improve your chances of landing jobs.

In just one hour devoted entirely to you, we will discuss:

  • Who online voice seekers are, and their expectations.
  • How to build your profile to capture their attention, and to increase searchability.
  • Auditioning strategies for success.
  • Pricing strategies for landing more gigs WITHOUT lowballing!
  • Customer relations.
  • The importance of feedback and being added as a favorite voice.
  • Specific strategies for success on all of the major sites.

Taking this course also includes a free demo or recent audition review, where I will provide feedback on acoustics, editing ability, and your read!

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Jas Patrick – Voiceover Artist

I’ve called J. Michael “Sensei” and “Sifu” since I began working with him and it’s proven to be right on the mark! J. Michael is a master, and he teaches with a very Zen-like concentration and calmness! He’s friendly, professional, respectful, diligent, patient, engaging and makes your sessions enjoyable! I can seriously go on and on because J. Michael earned the praise; but the bottom line and all that really matters, is that he is a world class voiceover teacher! I know what you’re thinking: “Will he help ME, though..?” Yes. Yes he will.

Joe - Voiceover Coaching StudentJoe Zieja – Voiceover Artist

J. Michael Collins is the consummate professional – knowledgeable, accessible, and all-around easy to talk to. His coaching advice is spot on, and he goes out of his way to make sure that the up-and-coming voiceover artists in the industry are well equipped to handle the challenges of a rapidly changing and ever-evolving market. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is serious about making voiceovers into a career.

Kath - Voiceover Coaching StudentKath Crumrine – Voiceover Artist

J. Michael Collins is the quintessential – there really isn’t any better word for it (I looked it up) coach. He is unsurpassably professional, kind, gracious, funny, focused, gentle and tough. This winning combination creates success – for the talents career, self image, and goals. What’s not to love about that? Thank you J. Michael! You helped me transform my VO business into a thriving, vital, and fun adventure!

Lisa - Voiceover Coaching StudentLisa Luck – Voiceover Artist

J. Michael Collins helped me identify and adjust a few key elements in my business that led to a 110% increase in my bottom line in less than 3 months. He has his finger on the pulse of the voiceover industry and adjusts his methods to fit seamlessly into what’s coming next. If you’re a full-time voiceover actor and want to see exponential growth in your voiceover business, hiring J. Michael is a must!

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J. Michael Collins voiceover coaching has mentored some of the industry’s best and fastest rising stars. Top choice for a professional voiceover coach. Contact J Michael.